Suckered In?

Seminole LogoThere is a chance that I was suckered in to letting Kaitlyn get out of bed for a little bit last night during the Orange Bowl.  I say there is a “chance” because Amber and I have a different opinion on the circumstances.

We are trying to get Kaitlyn back into her regular routine now that the holidays are over, even though she has a few days before school starts back.  In getting her back on track, we had her go to bed before the start of the Orange Bowl.  Apparently, that we just not acceptable to her.

Just before the Seminoles started their drive from the 5 yard-line in the first quarter, I went in to check to see if she was sleeping or not.  She was not sleeping.  In fact, she was sitting up in her bed crying.  She wanted nothing more than to be able to watch her friends EJ Manuel and Dustin Hopkins in their last game for FSU.  How could I let her sit there crying and not bring her out to watch for a little bit?  How could I deprive her of watching her two favorite players in their last game?  I couldn’t.  FSU_EJ

We made a deal that she could come out and watch for a little bit, but would have to go back to bed soon.  And it is good thing that I brought her out.  A few plays after we sat down, Lonnie Pryor scored on a 60 yard run, and the Noles were in business.  Maybe Kaitlyn was just the luck they needed.

Amber and I let her stay up for a few more series, and then it was off to bed.  She asked about Bjoern Werner, and spotted Nick O’Leary.  When Amber asked how she was able to identify O’Leary, she simply responded, “Didn’t you read the magazine with their names in it?”  Amber had not read it, and Kaitlyn has studied it over and over since we got it in October.  She is more than familiar with the players.

Dustin HopkinsKaitlyn missed seeing Dustin break the NCAA record for career field goals, but I think she will be ok with that since the Noles won quite handily.  We have finally convinced her that she can pick out new favorite players next year, and can cheer for EJ and Dustin no matter what NFL team they play for next year.

Maybe Amber was right, maybe I was suckered in.  I still contend that it would have been impossible for me to deny Kaitlyn the joy of watching the Noles play last night, and the truth is that she probably would have done the same thing had she been the one to check on Kaitlyn.


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  1. Well wrap a paper around my head and add me to the dum-dum list, because old Caedmon was up all the way through the trophy presentation. The trophies are one of his favorite parts. When Parks had that interception he about woke up the whole house. The man loves his ‘Noles. But he did have to nap the day before, and tried to sleep in until 10:00 the morning of. It’s nice having a cheering buddy. Glad Kaitlyn is yours.

    1. Too bad she didn’t stay up to watch the Sugar Bowl with me. 🙂

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