All Lined Up

Lined UpIf you were to walk in to Kaitlyn’s room almost any day of the year, you would most likely see her Rainbow Magic books on her floor like they are in the picture above.  And they are lined up that way by design.

I’ve written before about how much Kaitlyn loves the Rainbow Magic series, and her love has only gotten stronger with each new one she gets.  If I had to guess, she has between 20 and 30 of the different stories as of now.  And she has read them all.

Kaitlyn lines all of her books up.  By series.  In order.  So basically what we have on her floor is an outline of the entire series.  She will line them up, and leave openings for the books in a series that she is missing, and live larger openings for the spots where she is missing an entire series.  If you were to ask her what goes in each spot where there is an opening, she would be able to tell you the series and the fairy that belong in the vacant spot.  Her goal, of course, is to complete her collection.

It is not enough for Kaitlyn to line up the books.  No, she has to make sure that they stay lined up.  If Amber or I were to get some clothes out of her closet, and we were to accidentally mess up one of her lines, she immediately fixes it.  It bothers her to no end if her books are out-of-order.  I am not mean enough to go in an rearrange the books to drive her crazy, even though that was done to me when I would do the same thing with different items (not Rainbow Magic books).

Her attention to detail and keeping her books in order is one of those neat little traits of Asperger’s that shines through all the time.  Like so many of her other “quirks,” this is one that Amber and I happily embrace because it is part of what makes Kaitlyn who she is.  For us, it is not about keeping up with what other kids have or are doing, or competing to see who has the best kid (every parent would, or at least should, believe that theirs is the best kid), or trying to outdo her friends.  For us, it is about making Kaitlyn happy.  And if it means having to step over and not mess up her books, or if it means giving up a blanket for her dolls, that is what we do.

This will be the last entry for 2012.  Have a safe and happy New Year.  Thank you for reading, and I look forward to continuing the adventure in 2013.


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