Harder Than I Thought

I guess I was really not that prepared after all.

This morning, I did what I do most mornings, and I took Kaitlyn to school.  While Amber and I feel we did a really good job in shielding her from seeing anything related to the shootings in Connecticut, what we may not have done is properly prepare ourselves.  To be fair, maybe it was just me that was unprepared.

I tried to keep things on schedule this morning, and I don’t think that Kaitlyn noticed that we were watching MLB Network instead of the Today show.  We still caught the weather report, so maybe I was successful.

Driving the 3 minutes to her school was the same as always, but it became very difficult once I made the right turn onto school grounds.  I refuse to live in fear that something bad will happen at her school, but I am also a human being, and I was a little hesitant to drop her off.  Sitting there as we waited for 7:45am, the minutes just seemed to both fly by and drag on.

I know that Kaitlyn will be safe at school today.  I am a little concerned as to whether or not the shooting will be talked about in her class; I sure hope they avoid the topic.  Several parents of Kaitlyn’s friends took the same approach we did, and kept the TV off of any news coverage over the weekend.

The only change to our routine this morning was that I told Kaitlyn that she should go up to her teacher and tell her “thank you for being my teacher.”  She said she would, and did not ask why I wanted her to do it, but just assumed it was because Christmas is right around the corner.


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