Adding It Up

And some subtraction, too.

Yesterday afternoon, Kaitlyn’s teacher sent an email to all of the parents informing us that she was sending home a math review for today’s math test.  They had completed the chapter they were working on, and the class was ready to be tested.

Amber and I had been going over Kaitlyn’s math homework with her for a few weeks now, so we were pretty familiar with what they were covering.  The methods they were learning are a little unconventional to me, but whatever works, I guess.  They were learning about doubling (5 plus 5 equals 10), doubles plus one (5 plus 6 equals 11), and doubles minus one (5 plus 4 equals 9).  That is unlike any way that I learned math in school, but I guess the most important thing is that the students learn math.  math

Her teacher asked the parents to review the sheet that she sent home to make sure the students were ready.  Amber assigned that to me since I am better at math than she is.  No problem.  When I looked at the sheet, I noticed that Kaitlyn had gotten every question correct, so I wondered what exactly I was supposed to be going over at this point.

Then I decided that the best thing that I could do to help Kaitlyn be prepared for today’s test was to go over some of the basics with her.  And for her, the basics have nothing to do with reviewing the material.  The first thing I told her was that she needs to make sure to slow down and read each question so she knows what she is supposed to do to arrive at the answer.  I told her to show her work if that is what the question asks her to do.  And I reminded her that there is no special prize for being the first one done with the test, especially if she rushes through and gets questions wrong that she should have gotten right.

At some point soon, maybe tonight, we will get today’s test back with the result.  I hope that my method of reinforcing being thorough is effective.  Kaitlyn already puts a ton of pressure on herself when it comes to tests, and the last thing we want is for her to not get the result she expects and put even more pressure on herself.  I am confident she knows the material, but a little concerned because of her habit of rushing through things to be the first one done.


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