She’s Mine

“And I said, (s)he’s mine that one
Got a wild-hair side and then some
There’s no surprise what (s)he’s done
(S)He’s every last bit of my old man’s son
If you knew me then
There’d be no question in your mind
You know (s)he’s mine”

I had to take a little liberty with lyrics from the Rodney Atkins song “He’s Mine” to make them fit with our family, but I think the message is clear.  I know Amber made it clear to me the other night…Kaitlyn is all mine, at least when she does something a little less-than-angelic.  When she is quiet and sweet, apparently she is just like her mother.  I don’t see it, but that is a different story.

Kaitlyn was, as noted above, being Amber’s child and was helping wash the dishes.  She loves to help out with almost everything we do, and we are happy to let her.  But, she quickly went from being Amber’s child to my child.  I am stating the obvious here, but Kaitlyn’s hands were quite wet from helping wash the dishes, so she did what anybody would do and flicked the water off of her fingers, but she did it in Amber’s face.  And that is when she became my kid, and Kaitlyn actually told Amber that she learned that from me.  Wonderful.

There’s more that makes her mine as well.  She is pretty particular and routine-oriented, just like me.  She is good with directions, just like me.  She is good with trivia.  Me again.  The list goes on.

This morning, however, she scared both of us, when she behaved a little bit like one of our parents (I am not going to say which one).  I had gone out to put something in the mailbox, and I noticed that it was foggy again this morning.  The running joke in our  house is when it is foggy, Amber and I tell each other to drive extra careful “because the vermin are lurking,” which is something one of our local weathermen says to try to be funny.  Kaitlyn overheard me tell Amber about the fog, and that set her off.  She stormed around the house all upset because the fog meant she could not be on the playground before school.  It was quite the scene, and Amber pointed out which grandparent she was acting like, and I agreed.


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