I am the rider

This blog has always been Tommy’s perspective of all the events in our lives and living with Kaitlyn and the ride on an Aspie coaster. This special edition piece comes straight to you from my ride on the adventure.

To be quite honest, I live with two Aspies. One officially diagnosed, one not. They are too much alike and it more often than not results with a giant clash with me being the monkey in the middle. The one who takes on the brunt of the arguments and makes unpopular decisions based on them.  The two of them together some days are the reason I have gray hairs popping out, but most days, the two of them together makes my heart melt. I am the referee.

Running is a passion that they share and for that I am thankful. It’s a father/daughter bond they’ve grown to enjoy and it is something I will never know. I do not run, nor do I have the desire too, but I will always be at the finish line waiting. I am the cheerleader.

A high IQ and love for learning is a gift for both of them. Where I struggled to achieve high marks in school, they are naturally gifted. Numbers and academics are built into their wiring. I’m lucky to have any wiring upstairs! While they thrive academically, they tend to both be blunt quite often find a foot in the mouth while I try to help them understand empathy. I am the encourager.

As a woman and as a mother I put a lot of my energy on Kaitlyn socially now that she’s in school. I set up play dates and other social activities. My heart breaks for her when she comes home upset because the other girls are mean to her. We have been blessed with knowing some great families at her school but that doesn’t make her immune from being picked on. If you think girls in first grade can’t possibly be cruel, then you should have met some of the girls at her preschool! The fact of the matter is, this area is where I feel like the biggest failure. I really never went through this in school so I draw a blank every time I try to dole out any advice. My best offer is a hug and an “I’m always here” speech.  I am the mother.


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  1. […] A little while back, Amber asked if she could write something and post it on here.  It was her perspective on our little family, and a really good read.  You can check it out here. […]

  2. This is well written, Amber. It was as much poem as it was prose. I’m with you on the non-runner part.

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