Problem Solved

Yesterday, I wrote about how Kaitlyn was upset that we are unlikely to see any snow this winter, and the drama associated with that news.  The drama was back again this morning, but this time, Kaitlyn had a solution.

As we were waiting in line for drop off before school this morning, Kaitlyn brought up her desire to see snow this winter.  Once again, she became upset about the slim (or no) chance that we would get any snow here.  Then, she solved her own problem.  She will just go to Pennsylvania for the winter.

The first thing that I pointed out to her, of course, was that she would miss school.  It was as if she was ready for that point to be made because she had an answer.  She would go over her winter break from school, thus satisfying the requirement that she attend school, and, hopefully, fulfilling her wish to see snow.  It is such a simple plan, to her at least.

I pointed out to her that both Amber and I had to work, and she had an answer for that as well.  Because Amber’s boss really likes her, she can tell him that she is heading out-of-town for a few weeks and he will be ok with that.  I asked her if I could tell my boss the same, and she said that I could not.  Disappointed, I asked why.  Her response was, “because somebody has to stay and work and make money.”  Gotcha.  Kaitlyn is going to go to Pennsylvania over winter break with the parent who gets cold when the temperature drops below 80.  Solid plan.

Kaitlyn told me not to worry because Amber knows how to get to my cousin’s house where we stayed this past summer, “because she knows where Anthony lives.”  I might be wrong here, but knowing Amber’s sense of direction, I doubt that it would be as easy as it should be to get from the Pittsburgh Airport to “Anthony’s house” in the 15 minutes it should take her if she were to actually go.

She even let me know that she would have fun for me, and I really appreciate that she would.  She would even throw a snowball at my brother while she is up there (he is going up at the end of December, but I don’t know that we ever told Kaitlyn that).

Kaitlyn always has a plan, and she has a solution to every problem that arises.  In her mind, it is simple, and she really does cover almost every aspect in the details of her plans.  To be a kid again where life is so simple.


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