What To Do?

I may have only written about this once before, but that does not mean that it is not a constant in our home.  The constant I am referring to, of course, is drama.

While part of the drama that happens in our house can be directly attributed to us having a 6-year-old daughter running around (because at that age, everything is dramatic), I am certain that it is amplified on occasion because of Asperger’s.  Hooray for amplified drama.

Kaitlyn takes almost everything to the extreme.  Even something as minor as having her get out of the bath becomes an award-worthy performance (“if I get out now, that means I can never have a bath again” is often heard).

This morning, Kaitlyn was presented with a dilemma.  Of course, it was a dilemma that she created for herself, but there is no telling that to her.  This morning, she was pretty upset that we are unlikely to get snow again this winter.  Living in North Florida, snow is pretty rare, so I am not sure why a lack of snow this year would be cause for concern.

She has her heart set on us getting snow.  Knowing her, she wants a significant snow event, not something small.  Her solution to the infrequency of snow events in our area is moving to Pennsylvania.  Easy enough, right?  We have family there, and she loved visiting there this past summer.  She got excited this past Saturday while we were watching the Pitt game on TV because it was snowing a little, so that might have been the start of the drama for her.

In theory, and in her mind, we can just pack up and move today.  But when Amber and I mentioned that moving would mean leaving her friends and her school, she balked.  She had not thought about that at all, and really does not want to leave her school and her friends.  Carpooling from Pennsylvania to her school is out of the question, too, since it is about a 20 hour drive.  I am glad that argument seemed to work, because when I pointed out that we would also leave our pool behind, she was unfazed and reminded me that some houses up there have pools.  My bad.

We had a relatively mild winter last year, and our summer was not as hot as usual, either.  So far this fall, it seems that we have gotten a little colder at night than usual, and for a longer period, than in years past (we have already had several mornings in the low 30s and high 20s).  For what it’s worth, the weather experts predicted a colder winter for us this year, with the possibility of a snow and/or ice event early next year; hopefully that will keep Kaitlyn from packing up her room and heading north.


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