Thanksgiving was awesome.  Anytime I get to spend a day in the middle of the week with Amber and Kaitlyn is a great day.  We had quite the long day yesterday, but it was a really good day, and so I am thankful today for yesterday.

We were up bright and early (ok not so bright, but it was early) to get ready to head to our local Turkey Trot race.  Just like last year, I had signed Kaitlyn up for the one mile Turkey Gobbler before I ran in a longer race (the 5k this year for me).  It was not as cold before the start as last year, and Kaitlyn chose to wear shorts and short sleeve shirt, just like her dad (we are not crazy I tell you).

Overall, 942 runners ran the one mile race.  Kaitlyn finished in 9:55, and like she always does, ran the entire time.  She finished 124th, ahead of 818 other runners.  That is very impressive.

I don’t know who enjoys her running more, me or her.  It is something that the two of us can do together, and something we both enjoy.  She has been asking to run a 5k soon, and we have one in our sights in January.  I am not expecting her to cover all 3.1 miles of that race without stopping, but I will not be surprised if she does.


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  1. […] have very many traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving.  Other than running in our local Turkey Trot in the morning, we are pretty flexible with the rest of the day.  Last year, we joined some […]

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