Midterm Report

It seems like Kaitlyn just brought home her first report card of the year, which makes it hard to believe that she already brought home a midterm report for this nine weeks.  Time sure is flying by.

There were not any surprises in the report, and that is always a good thing.  The report gave us updates in five different areas, sight words, fluency rate, “Imagine It” reading, math, and Accelerated Reader.

In sight words, Kaitlyn has achieved a level of 126 sight words out of a possible 126.  I guess she really cannot get much better than that at all.  I am not sure what the expected level of achievement for the class is right now, but I do know that the students have to reach 100 sight words before they can start taking Accelerated Reader tests, and I don’t think the entire class is taking those tests yet.

The expected fluency rate, or how many words per minute the students can read currently stands at 30-40 words per minute.  Kaitlyn is reading at 153 words per minute right now.  Not too shabby.

Another way that reading is measured is with the Imagine It reading program.  It is a computer-based reading program where the students read a passage or passages, and take a competency exam at the end.  Kaitlyn currently has a 97 average on those tests.

Since she has exceeded the 100 word threshold for sight words, Kaitlyn is able to take Accelerated Reader tests.  At least twice per week, she brings home a book from the library, reads it for comprehension, and we sign off that she is ready to be tested.  Once that is complete, her teacher provides authorization for her to take the test.  To be able to attend the Accelerated Reader celebration on December 19, she had to accumulate 4.3 points by December 13.  Through Friday, she is at 4.6 points, having achieved 4.3 points early last week.

They do work in other areas other than reading in her class, too.  Kaitlyn brings home quite a bit of math homework each week.  Our biggest issue with her math homework is getting her to slow down and follow instructions.  Her math average, which includes homework and tests, is 95.  Not bad at all.

Lastly, and it was not included on the midterm report, but it was in her Friday folder, was her most recent spelling test.  The test has made it on to our refrigerator at home with a 100% grade in big, green numbers.  Awesome.  Kaitlyn practices her spelling, and does a good job in sounding the words out to make sure she is getting them correct.

Since Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I guess it would not hurt to say that Amber and I are thankful that Kaitlyn really enjoys school and does her very best every day.


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