30 Hours

There are times when Kaitlyn does or says something that just melts my heart.  Last weekend it was when she drew me a picture, that when I saw her drawing had assumed she was drawing for Amber, and she wrote “I Love You Daddy” across the top.  She just left it on the counter for me, and did not say a word about it.  I noticed it after she had already gone to bed.  We have to savor the times when she is just being a 6-year-old because she is so often thinking, processing, and doing things that are way beyond her years, like tracking the election results Tuesday night.

Last night, and again this morning, was another one of those adorable times.  I guess Kaitlyn had noticed that I had a stack of clothes laid out in our spare bedroom, and she was able to figure out that I was going out-of-town for a race.  I figure Amber told her my destination.  When I walked in the door from work, the first thing she asked me was if she could help me pack for my trip to Columbus.  I told her that she absolutely could help me.  She was and is pretty sad that she was not going to be coming with me to run in the Soldier Marathon (please, if you ever click a link on this blog, this one here would be the one.  It details why I am running this particular race).

Kaitlyn was sweet enough to pack me a bag full of snacks for the trip.  She packed me snacks that she knew I would like, and even shared some of the snacks that Amber usually takes to work or end up in Kaitlyn’s lunch box.

This morning, Kaitlyn was still pretty upset that I was leaving.  I told her that I would see her tomorrow afternoon.  The total time between when I left this morning and when I anticipate getting home tomorrow is 30 hours.  It is awesome to me that she is going to really miss me for that time.  Always a schemer, she asked me this morning that since I was going out-of-town today, would it be OK for her to open my Christmas presents.  I told her that I would surely be home by Christmas, and if it were all the same to her, I would like to open my own presents.

I am going to miss Amber and Kaitlyn tonight, and I will miss not having my biggest fans at the race tomorrow, but I know they will be just fine without me tonight and will make it to tomorrow afternoon.  I realized today, too, that Amber and Kaitlyn have not missed a half or full marathon that I have run in Florida, but have never been to one outside of the state (there is a half marathon that I have run a few times up in Boston, Georgia).  Maybe I can get them to come along with me to this race next year, because I have a feeling that I am going to want to run it again.


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