A Late Night

Kaitlyn was really into the 2012 Election.  They did a mock vote at school last week, and from there, that was all she wanted to talk about.  There’s that focus on a single topic again.

Yesterday when Amber picked her up, she really wanted to go to our local precinct and “go behind the curtain” and cast her vote.  Luckily, I had printed a sample ballot Monday night, and she filled it out, so we let her know that her votes had been cast already.  Once she was convinced her vote was cast, she had Amber take her home immediately so that she could watch the coverage of the election.

Because the results were not reported so early in the afternoon, she sat and watched, by choice, the continuing coverage.  I am sure that she probably knows more about the political process by now than a lot of people who are eligible to vote.  At 6, she is becoming informed.

She was eagerly waiting for 7:00pm to roll around last night since it marked the first official poll closings.  Soon after the results started to be announced, she grabbed a piece of paper and a crayon and started a list of each state that President Obama carried and that Mitt Romney carried.  Each time there was a poll closing announced, she would intently watch.  I even made the mistake of changing the channel during a commercial break to another network that was showing election coverage, and Kaitlyn was not happy about it.  She had grown comfortable watching the network we were watching.

Kaitlyn passed out on the couch around 8:30 last night, long before the election was called.  If she could have, she would have stayed up until a winner was announced; luckily she did not vow to not go to sleep before every state reported results because Florida “pulled a Florida” again and votes are still being counted here.

One of the first things she said this morning was a request to be updated on the results.  She wanted to update her lists.  I had her get her state flash cards, and I split them into two piles, one for Romney, one for Obama, and she started writing down each state the candidates won.

Amber and I think it is pretty cool that she took such an interest in the election.  We want her to ask us questions and learn as much as she can so that she can go to the polls when she is eligible and have a firm foundation of beliefs.  While Amber and I share the same political views (not relevant on this site), we will not force Kaitlyn to get in line with us; we are going to educate her the best we can and let her form her own views.  That is what my parents did for me, and what Amber’s family did for her.


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