Raising Her Right

Last week during the Seminole Showdown, I had a chance to catch up with the dad of another athlete.  He has two sons that are just a pure joy to be around.  As is the custom in our little college town, the topic of Seminole football came up.  We talked about taking the kids to games, and how much Kaitlyn enjoyed going and how much his boys enjoy going.

Truth be told, Kaitlyn really starts to enjoy the game in the second half, but she is always keyed-in on a few different things.  Anytime she hears the stadium announcer say that EJ Manuel or Dustin Hopkins has done something or is about to do something, she focuses her attention to the field.  She absolutely loves them, and thinks of them as her friends (we have only met them a few times, but both remembered Kaitlyn, which made her day).  

The other thing she cues on is the band.  She loves the Marching Chiefs.  More specifically, she loves when they play the fight song because she knows most of the words, and she gets to throw her hands up and yell “whoo!” at the end.  She also thoroughly enjoys when they play the “Warchant.”  As soon as she hears them start to play it, she makes sure Amber and I are doing “The Chop.”  If for some reason we are not participating, she gives our arms a jump-start until she is satisfied that we are performing it up to her standards.

If that were all, I would happily say that we are raising her right (we are), but there is even more evidence to support it.  She is now so well-schooled that she will boo or call it what it is (“gross”) when she sees anything with a UF logo on it.  She will not even color with a blue crayon directly next to where she has already colored with an orange crayon.

Of all the things that Kaitlyn does to make us proud, I have to say that her love of the Seminoles ranks right near the top of the list.



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  1. […] back up just a little bit here.  This season was the first season that Kaitlyn was really in to watching FSU football.  We made it to a few games, and watched the rest on TV, and when we could not watch, we listened […]

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