It Starts With You

Happily, I am not the only one that is still upset about the ridiculous comments/hate that Ann Coulter spewed recently (you can read more here, here, here, and here).  One reader (or possibly a shared username?) actually chose to comment on the “I Give Up Post” that I wrote, and I appreciate the input and the suggestion.  Here is what was said:

“The only way for us to make a change is to hit her in the wallet. Find out which bookstores sell her books and get in touch with them, letting them know how we feel. Threaten to boycott those booksellers and get other advocates on board. Find out who her sponsors are and do the same.”


“She will be forced to care if we hit her hard enough in the wallet. That means enough people have to be upset enough to boycott booksellers that sell her books, and companies that sponsor her. Therefore we advocates should compile a list of booksellers which sell her books, call them up and explain why we are calling and what our concerns are, tell them what actions we would like them to take (we need to decide that as a community. That could take some time). We also need some allies who don’t have telephone anxiety, to make those cold calls. Then we need to decide “if the bookstore doesn’t do this, then we will boycott” decide what the parameters are for issuing a call to boycott. Then look up alternatives to that particular bookstore so that people outside the self advocacy community have a way to boycott and find other places to get their books, without being too inconvenienced. It sucks but if things are made easier for people they are more likely to follow along.

There are even more logistics we need to think of. But let’s do this. We need to act if we want to be taken seriously. We need many hands on deck, because this is a many-person job.”

Those two comments offer a wonderful suggestion.  We know that in America, money talks.  If we want to seriously make a difference and seriously help Ann Coulter realize that she hurts so many when she spews her venom by using the word “retard,” it is time to make her bank account suffer.  It is not something that can be done overnight, or by just one or two people, but by the collective effort of people who honestly believe that uttering such a word is inappropriate.  In the spirit of the season (Election Season that is), if everyone who reads/follows this blog will reach out to 5 people, we are looking at a network of 1,000 people already who believe that they can make a difference.

From a personal perspective, every time I hear someone call somebody else a “retard,” I cannot help but hurt inside knowing that they are indirectly calling Kaitlyn one as well.  And that makes my blood boil.  If you have read this blog for any length of time, or even read the entry from earlier today, you know that I volunteer and Kaitlyn participates in Miracle Sports.  Last night, at the Seminole Showdown, a large group of athletes who Ann Coulter would happily make such an ugly remark about impacted the lives of close to 50 Division I athletes.  Maybe Ann Coulter is just not smart enough to realize the impact of the people she so openly mocks; these tremendous people do more good for society on one night than someone like Ann Coulter can hope to do in three lifetimes.

Maybe the pain of that word is not as personal to you as it is to me.  If it is not, I bet you will not have to search long on your Facebook (assuming you are on Facebook) friends list to find someone who does take it personally.  The path to being a better, more educated society, starts with one person, and multiplies from there.


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  1. It’s a shared username. Well, sort of. We are three headmate-siblings living in a single female body. We are also autistic. The Open Letter written by John F, one of the people who Ann Coulter is disparaging by her inappropriate use of the r-word, was actually listed as a “top post” in wordpress as recently as a few hours ago. That made me very happy as well. No, you are certainly not the only one offended by her remarks. I found a link to a clip in which she is actually defending her remarks, and I will be posting about that sometime in the future.


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