First Grade, First Report Card

Kaitlyn brought home her first report card of the school year yesterday, and there were really no surprises at all.  Amber and I had a really good idea what would be on her report card since we just had our parent/teacher conference about two weeks ago.

As expected, Kaitlyn’s report card was stellar.  She exceeded expectations in every subject area.  To me, not providing actual grades during the first nine weeks is a little unfair to the students.  They have had homework on a consistent basis, and have taken tests in the classroom, but, in what seems to be a county-wide policy, no grades are given for the first nine weeks (at least in kindergarten and first grade).  That system is in place in order to afford the teachers the opportunity to gauge where each student is and adjust accordingly.

I always look forward to reading the comments that the teacher provides.  This grading period, her teacher commented on how sweet Kaitlyn is, and how much she enjoys having her in class.  I anticipate that will be a theme this year, especially knowing how much Kaitlyn loves going to school.  Amber and I have been trying to figure out whatever magic potion they use at school to get Kaitlyn to follow instructions on a consistent basis, and to listen so well, because we would love to give her some at home on occasion.

There are areas where Kaitlyn needs to improve, too.  We have been working with her on getting her to slow down when doing her work, and have extended that particular lesson into other areas to try to make it more concrete in her mind.  She also needs to work on her neatness, and I think that will improve as she slows down.  I busted her the other day on her homework after she rushed through it but failed to read all of the instructions; she had to show her work on a few math problems but did not (I sometimes found that showing my work slowed me down and sometimes made problems more difficult, and it seems Kaitlyn may be the same).

It is nice for Amber and I to see the progress that Kaitlyn has made so far this year.  We could not be happier with her school and her teacher, and the caring approach they take with every student to maximize their potential; the school does a great job in establishing expectations and working with the students to meet their goals.


3 responses

  1. Re: showing work in math- i had issues with that also at her age. Maybe you can convince her to do it if you tell her the problems will make more sense if she shows her work. I still (at age 29) have trouble understanding instructions on some assignments for college work. Especially for non-major courses (im a math major)

    Woot for Kaitlyn doing well in school!


    1. I was the same way and had to force myself to show my work sometimes.

      We are truly blessed that she loves school.

  2. […] not anything that could even remotely be considered a “surprise” on it.  Unlike her first report card of the year, this one gave Amber and I a solid idea on how she has been doing in […]

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