Fun Run

Pretty much as soon as I walked in the door last night, Kaitlyn could not wait to show me the surprise she had waiting for me on the counter.  I had barely gotten into the garage when she was hurrying me along inside.  Once I finally made it inside, I got my surprise.  On the counter, she had laid out about a dozen Swedish Fish on top of a note that she had written me.  The note asked me if I could come to her Boosterthon Fun Run today and watch her run.  It was hard to say no to that.

So, in order to keep Kaitlyn in her normal routine, I dropped her off at the usual time.  The last thing I wanted was to upset her day by taking her to school later than usual.  After I dropped her off, I went home for a little bit, and then went back to the school.  I checked in at the office, and headed out to the PE field, where two tracks were set up.  Not knowing exactly which track they would be using, I stood there with Kaitlyn’s BFF’s dad and waited.  Luckily they announced that the first graders would be running on the red track, so we headed on over to the red track.  Other parents started to arrive, and I eventually made my way over to Caleb’s parents and hung out with them for the event.

The setup for the event was pretty cool, and they even had a small tunnel for the classes to run through as they came out onto the field.  That was pretty exiting to see, and I am sure that Kaitlyn loved it.

Once they had all the classes out on to the field, it was time to get going.  There must have been around 75 first graders or so (at least), all crammed in one small area.  When the event started, it looked like they were trying to herd cats.  First grade arms and legs were flailing everywhere, and before long, the first kid took a tumble.  Then the second, and so on.  It took a few laps before there was a “clean” lap.  With every tumble, however, there was another student right there to help the one up who fell down.  It was a nice display of teamwork and compassion.  There was also a nice “friends” lap where all of the kids walked arm-in-arm around the track for one lap, and also a lap where they high-fived all of the spectators.

Kaitlyn finished all 35 of her laps rather quickly, and her concerns from last night about “finishing last” proved to be unfounded.  My favorite lap was the one where parents were invited to walk a lap with their child.  I really enjoyed taking this “victory lap” with Kaitlyn, and I told her how proud I was of her for doing a great job today.


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