Does It Make You Feel Better?

That is the question I want to ask someone every time they use the word “retard” when describing someone or something.  That is a very harsh word.  We have eliminated it from the vocabulary at our house.  And you should, too.

One person who just cannot seem to stop using the word is conservative talking head Ann Coulter.  She likes to describe supporters of President Obama as “retards,” and she feels no shame in doing so.  I am not going to use this space to get political, but I have written about her limited vocabulary elsewhere, and just recently (click here).

Apparently, she is at it again.  Last night during the last of the Presidential Debates, Coulter tweeted “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.”  My friend Ashley posted her thoughts about it on her blog, and it took me a while to work past my desire to channel “angry blogger” or worse before I wrote my thoughts.

Really, her continued use of the word speaks more about her than it does anybody else.  “Retard” is such an ugly word, and no matter what the intention (hers was meant to demean), the connotation is a negative one.  Ann Coulter would consider Kaitlyn to be a “retard” because she thinks and acts differently than other kids.  And that bothers me.  No, it does more than that, it makes my blood boil.  Ann Coulter would consider the amazing athletes at Miracle to be “retards,” and that makes me mad.  Ann Coulter thinks that the child with autism, or the student in ESE, or the kid in the wheelchair is a “retard.”

Ann, let me be perfectly clear on this.  Kaitlyn is not a “retard,” and neither are any of the athletes at Miracle.  It seems to me, Ann, that you have trouble using your words when you want to make a point.  You could have used any number of other terms to get your point across that you are not a fan of President Obama, or that you think those who support him are making the wrong choice, but you decided to use your limited brain power and call people names instead.  Maybe calling people such hurtful names makes you feel better about yourself, and, having been exposed to your “work” before, I guess you have to do what you can to feel good about yourself.  I would say that you are better than that, Ann, but I know that you are not.

These people, who you seem to delightfully call “retards,” may be the ones that develop the cure for people who so easily stick their foot in their mouth, of which you would certainly be one of the first ones eligible for.  Rest assured, Ann, that when you need a life-saving procedure, a “retard” will probably be the one that saves your life, and they will be the bigger person and save you.

I would ask anybody that reads this to post it for others to see.  Please share this.  Share my friend Ashley’s blog that is linked to above.  By all means, spread the word that you will not tolerate the hate that Ann Coulter and so many others so easily spew when they decide call people names.  If you are a user, frequent or otherwise, of this word, stop using it!  It is not that difficult to stop.  You are not superior to me because you can call me a name, and I am not superior to you.  Oh, and if you want to continue to use this word, that is your right, but know that it says more about you than it does about the target of your insult.



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