Listen Carefully

My brother almost learned a costly mistake last night while talking to Kaitlyn on the phone.  Her new thing is wanting to call people on the phone, so we let her call my parents and Amber’s mom as much as she wants.  I guess using Skype to video chat was not good enough for her anymore.

Back to the lesson my brother learned last night, the one that could have cost him about $350 in the end.  Yesterday, Kaitlyn’s school held a pep rally to kick off the pledge drive for the Boosterthon Fun Run later this month.  The program has the students ask family and friends to pledge, either by lap or by flat donation, a certain amount, and the money will help the school fund programs and buy books, etc.  She did it last year as well, and she ran all possible laps, 35 in total. 

When she called my parents, my brother answered the phone, so he was the first one to hear her sales pitch.  I guess it did not take long for her to get down to business, and she asked him how much he wanted to pledge.  Thinking he was being very generous, which he was, he said that he would pledge $10.  Kaitlyn heard the pledge, but not the part that he was donating a flat $10, so she replied with, “ok, $10 per lap.”  Needless to say, my brother was a little bit worried; he is happy to help, but, like us, does not exactly have $350 laying around to pay $10 per lap for 35 laps.  In shock, he handed the phone to my mom.

Kaitlyn then went to work on her.  She got grandma in West Palm to pledge $1 per lap, and then recapped the pledges she had gotten so far:  Uncle Jason, $10, grandma, $1 per lap, Pappy, $1 per lap.  She tried to convince my mom that both she and my dad were doing $1 per lap.  Theirs will be a combined effort instead.

She also called grandma in Iowa to work her for a pledge, and I am not sure how much she has her committed to.  Hopefully she did not accidentally fall for Kaitlyn’s $10 per lap ploy.

Everyone else is starting to learn what Amber and I already know too well.  You have to listen very carefully when talking to Kaitlyn, and always make sure to review the conversation with her, especially when it comes to your money.

The Boosterthon is later this month, and we fully expect that Kaitlyn will max out the laps again.  If you are interested in pledging money toward the cause, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address provided on the “About” page above.



2 responses

  1. She tried to double dip grandma in Iowa. She told her she needed to have the money before the run too. Gotta work the cute and innocent thing while she can 🙂

    1. That is not surprising at all. Did she really expect that she would get a double pledge? Wow.

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