A Sad Goodbye

Last night was a tough one in our house.  Shortly after I got home from work, Amber and I agreed that it was time to give Kaitlyn the bad news.  We had been holding on to it for almost 24 hours, and did not want to tell Kaitlyn before school, knowing it would ruin her day.  We were right.

We had to break the news to Kaitlyn that her fish, Cutie, had died.  She immediately broke down and started crying.  She loved her friend.  We had Cutie as our pet for right at one month; not sure exactly what happened to the little guy, though.  His water was changed on a regular basis, and he was fed just the right amount.  I guess it was just his time.

We spent most of last night comforting Kaitlyn, and she participated in Cutie’s “burial” as well.  She kept asking a lot of questions about what happened, and we just told her he got sick and died, and that we really did not know why.  She drew a nice picture of the two of them, and asked me to “send” it to Cutie by way of his burial route.  I told her that I would.  She hoped that he would send her a picture of his family that he was with now, so, being the family artist, Amber drew one that was from Cutie and Kaitlyn got the picture this morning.

Kaitlyn misses her friend very much.  We let her pick out a replacement last night as well, so Ruby has joined the family in place of Cutie.



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