Never Give Up

About 30 yards from the finish line in today’s one mile race, I looked over to find that Kaitlyn had taken a little bit of a tumble.  She hit the ground pretty good, and came up with dirt all over her hands and knees, and thanks to all of the sweating she had done, the dirt on her knees was already running down into her socks.  A little bit of a mud stream.  Lovely.

Instead of getting upset at her fall, Kaitlyn got right up.  She did not even bother to dust herself off.  She just kept going to finish her race.  She made it to the finish line in 10:30, not too bad at all.  She said she run to the finish because she “never gives up.”  That was awesome to hear.

A few times during the race, I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do a 5k (3.1 miles) early next year, and she assured me that she most certainly does.  I think it is really cool that she has taken quite the interest in running, and wants to run races with me.  She even mentioned how good she looked in her running gear today; she was not really lacking in the self-confidence department after the race.


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