Now I Know

As usual this morning, I had to go ahead and retrieve Kaitlyn from her bed so she could put on her socks and shoes before we left for school.  She was in her bed, reading one of her Rainbow Magic series books.  She has really taken to those recently, and brings them home from school and is always asking for us to buy her one (she’s hoping Amber comes home with one for her today after work since she has gotten one each of the last two weeks).

The Rainbow Magic series is a series of books about different types of fairies.  There are 13 different types of fairies in the series, and if Kaitlyn had it her way, she would have the entire collection.

It’s pretty easy for me to get her to put the book down and finish getting ready for school, so there was no battling with her at all.  She is also very responsible with her books.

As she was getting out of her bed, she neatly placed the one she was reading on her end table by the bed.  Then, she placed the next one in the series underneath it, because, “that is the order they go in.”  Of course.

Right before we were leaving, she rushed back into her room.  She realized that she had left another of her books on her bed.  I suggested to her that she put it underneath the other two.  You would have thought I said she should burn the books with the way she looked at me.  Apparently, the third book was part of a completely different set of the Rainbow Magic fairies, and did not belong in that stack.  So sorry.

Kaitlyn likes her things to be in a certain order, and I understand that.  I am the same way.  Everything has its place, and everything goes in its particular place.  What looks like a system with no rhyme or reason to the casual observer makes perfect sense to us.  Amber says it is just our OCD kicking in, but I prefer to call it “knowing where everything is.”  It is why my closet is organized the way that it is, and I am all but certain that Kaitlyn will have a similar system at some point.



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  2. This is the first book in the Rainbow Fairy Series. We have read the entire series. These are some of the first chapter books we have read with our daughter. They have cute pictures and a story that keeps a 4 year old wanting to know what will happen next. Review by Ella–They are the best fairies in the whole wide world. Heather is my favorite fairy. She is beautiful.

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  4. […] the one thing that has gotten and maintained her attention like nothing else recently.  No, not Rainbow Magic books, but that would have been a good guess.  Kaitlyn’s poster is all Disney (disclaimer […]

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