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Over the past year and a half or so, I have written 7 different posts (check out some of my favorites here, here, here, or here).   regarding how much we really enjoy watching Parenthood every Tuesday night on NBC.  By “we” I mean me most of the time because Amber is out cold by the first commercial break; sometimes, she actually makes it through an entire episode, but most of the time she watches it on DVR.  And it takes everything in my power to not spoil what happens for her, which is why I usually don’t write anything about the show until at least Wednesday night or sometime Thursday (she is on her own after that).

Two episodes in, this season has yet to disappoint.  The season premiere was really good, and the storyline with Max was wonderful.  He is blunt and honest in every situation, and it reminds me so much of Kaitlyn.  There was a scene where his older sister Haddie was trying to connect with him before she left for college, and he showed absolutely no reaction to her expressions of sisterly love, outside of the gift she bought him.

This past week, I could not help but laugh at the literal mind being put on full display.  The Bravermans are discussing the possibility of getting a dog, and Max’s mom, Christina, makes the mistake of mentioning that to him.  In his mind, that means they are getting a dog (we face this almost daily with Kaitlyn, but not with getting a dog).  The one he decides they are getting, because Aspies like to go ahead and decide and not back down when the make up their minds, is sold before they can buy it.  His dad, Adam, who was against the proposition from the start, relents and agrees to get the family a dog.  While he is telling Max this, he says to him, “a dog is in the house!”  To which Max flatly replies, “no there isn’t.”  If that is not a literal mind at work, I don’t know what is.  Max was correct in stating that there was, indeed, no dog in the house.  He did not grasp the play on words Adam was using.

I cannot wait for next Tuesday to roll around to see what happens next with Max.



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