Adding It Up

One quarter, four dimes, four nickels, and six pennies.  That is what I had lined up on my dashboard this morning, thanks to Kaitlyn.  Ninety one cents is what she has stored in the door handle of my car.  Not too shabby, but it could be more, except for the fact that Kaitlyn has outright refused to let me add to her collection for a few weeks.  I guess I can’t complain because I am saving a little money.

The neatest part about having the coins lined up this morning was watching Kaitlyn work through the math.  I had to help her once or twice, but for the most part, she did the math all by herself.  Really, the only thing I suggested is that she line them up on the dash, instead of trying to hold on to each one and remember what she had.

As the total continued to build, I could see that she was gaining confidence in herself, and she was smiling from ear to ear.  Money counting  is part of the curriculum this year, and Kaitlyn is getting a head start.  Counting money really is a good way to improve math skills, and will help her this year, and also when she gets to learning multiplication down the road.

The funny part about the joy she gets in counting with money is that it is the same joy I had when I was little.  I expanded my counting abilities and my math skills by counting money.  I guess when you have a parent (in my case, my mom) who works at a bank, it is almost a natural course of development.  There is a comfort there.

Kaitlyn has a love of learning, whether it is math, reading, or science.  Amber and I are happy about that, and proud that she wants to constantly learn.  She spends some of her free time, even on the weekends, voluntarily working on her math, and most mornings before we leave for school, I have to go into her room and have her put her book down so we can go.  She loves learning, and she loves school.  I guess we cannot ask for too much more right now.

On a slightly different note, she reached the top-level of behavior this past Monday.  Her class uses a variation of the fox system, where students can achieve levels above green, with purple being the highest level.  Amber and I were so excited and happy for her reaching that level Monday.  My theory is that it was partly because she was able to show off her Grandfoxes, and she also happily shared them.  That had to be part of it.


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