Thinking Literally

The other night, I was sitting with Kaitlyn as she was eating a cookie after dinner.  We had decided to eat out, and Kaitlyn did a great job polishing off her burrito from Moe’s, so she was taking time to devour a chocolate chip cookie.

As she was eating her cookie, her literal mind must have kicked into overdrive.  I asked her if she was enjoying her chocolate chip cookie, and she was (of course).  And then she went all literal on me.

She said to me, “daddy, these are not really chocolate chips.”  Confused, I asked what she meant.  She told me that a chocolate chip is really a potato chip covered in chocolate.  There was really no arguing that logic, because it really did make perfect sense.

Chocolate Chips

One thing that we love and can drive us crazy at the same time is Kaitlyn’s literal, straight-line thinking.  She rarely treads into the “gray area” or anything like that.  She really is an “if A, then B” kind of thinker.  I am a lot like that, too, but I have a little more flexibility than she seems to have at the moment.  Maybe she will grow into having some as well, but for now, I guess we really cannot complain.  Kaitlyn takes things at face value.  There is no reading between the lines, and she is not likely to jump to a conclusion before being presented with all of the facts. That is one of the cool things that Asperger’s brings to her personality.  While it can be frustrating at times, especially since she seems to have no grasp whatsoever when it comes to picking up on sarcasm, it is also very refreshing because her intentions are always genuine and her motive honest.  We could all stand to learn from being that way, instead of hiding behind half-truths and misinformation. As for the chocolate covered chips, I am willing to give them a try.  I enjoyed the bits and pieces included with the Ben and Jerry’s “Late Night Snack” ice cream, so I imagine I would enjoy these as well.  I know one thing for sure, I will not be bringing a bag of chocolate covered chips over to Ryan’s  house to share since the ice cream fell flat.


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