Isn’t That Grand?

Distance makes a lot of things difficult on us.  We do not exactly have any immediate family close to us to help us with Kaitlyn in a pinch.  A lot of Kaitlyn’s events are seen only by Amber and I.  Most of her school events have just us in attendance, we are her cheering section for gymnastics, all but one of her running events have been witnessed by only Amber and I (of course I will see those since I am right there with her), and Miracle Thursdays are miraculous only for the three of us.  All that being said, Amber and I are resolute in knowing that we are living in the right place for us and for Kaitlyn.  She has her friends and her school, and most importantly, she has her routine.  We also know that we have to live with our choice to live here, and that it would be unfair for us to expect anybody to move here to be by us (if they do, that is great, but we want that to be their choice).

That being said, one of Kaitlyn’s favorite days in school last year was Grandfoxes Day.  My parents came up, and Kaitlyn showed them off, and even shared them.  It was a great day for her.

Well, Grandfoxes Day is here again.  For the past few weeks, since the start of school, Kaitlyn was sad beyond belief that she would not have any grandparents here this year.  She asked and asked, and it seemed like nobody was going to be able to make it work.  As we always are, Amber and I were prepared to pick up the pieces from her being disappointed; when she has a meltdown or hits a low, we pick up the pieces and make it better the best we can.  It is not something we particularly enjoy, but it is something we have become all to familiar with doing.  Again, it is also something we signed up for when we chose to live here with no family close by (if you have a child and have family close by, consider yourself lucky.).

Somehow, however, my parents were able to juggle their work schedules to make it up this year.  Kaitlyn could not have been happier.  If we would have had a camera ready Sunday morning to get a picture of her face when they both woke up, the look would have been priceless; she had no idea they were coming, and they got here after she went to bed Saturday night.  We know it is not easy to drive for 7 hours and get here late Saturday night, then turn around and leave Monday afternoon, and we are happy that someone was able to come through for her.  Kaitlyn is growing up quick, and we are always happy to have family share her special occasions with her.  If any of our family wants to move here in the future, we will all be happy about it, and Kaitlyn will be excited beyond belief.  But for today, we will be comfortable in knowing that she had grandparents here to make her second Grandfoxes Day a special one.


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