It seems like forever since the last Seminole Showdown.  It was almost four months since we had seen a lot of our friends from Miracle Sports.  Until last night, that is.

A persistent rain could not stop athletes and volunteers alike from having a great time last night as we kicked off the Miracle baseball season.  The season will culminate November 1 with another Showdown.

Before we even left the house for school yesterday, Kaitlyn wanted me to text Ryan to make sure that he was bringing the boys to the field last night.  I assured her that he was.  As we were pulling out of the driveway to head to school, Kaitlyn asked a question that was of extreme importance, “Did Coach Mike say we could wear a regular shirt or our Miracle jersey?”  I had to let her know that Coach Mike would want everyone to wear their Miracle jersey.

As 6pm came around, it brought with it some rain.  After a brief rain delay, we figured it was time to start playing, even though it was still raining a bit.  Kaitlyn did not seem to mind, even finding time to plop down on her stomach in a puddle at one point; not two minutes later, she was complaining that she was a little chilly.  I wonder if there was any connection?

Like Kaitlyn, I am excited that Miracle is underway again.  I have missed seeing the joy of the athletes and the dedication of the volunteers.  As always, I urge you, if you have not yet experienced a night at a Miracle field, to find your local program and go out and watch one night.  I promise you that you will leave with the smile on your face that was plastered there the whole time you watched the action; for an even bigger thrill, volunteer to be a buddy, it will change your life.



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