A Little Responsibility

As good as things have been recently for Kaitlyn, there have been times where she has been a little down as well.  Nothing too major, and usually not for long, but Amber and I try our best to make sure her down times are as infrequent as possible.

She had been asking us for a few weeks about taking on more responsibility around the house.  Of course, we were all for fulfilling her request.  She is helping with the dishes, sometimes helps with laundry, and even helps cook dinner sometimes.  But, she wanted even more.

After talking about it for a while, Amber and I decided to get her a fish.  It would be her responsibility to feed the fish and to make sure the water was changed when necessary.  We didn’t want to get something that would not last too long (a goldfish) because that would be devastating to Kaitlyn, so we settled on a betta fish.  They are low maintenance and have a pretty good life-span.

Friday, Amber let Kaitlyn pick out her new fish.  She picked out a purple, pink, black, and blue male betta, and named him “Cutie.”  Every morning, she has checked on her fish pretty much right when she wakes up.  It is nice to see that she is so excited about taking care of her fish.  She told us that she is “the boss” of the fish, so Amber and I pretty much stay out of her way.  We do help her feed her fish because she would probably just dump the whole container of food in all at once.  When it comes time to change the water, that will be an adult task.

We are excited about the new responsibilities that Kaitlyn is taking on.  I know that she feels better about herself when she is able to help around the house, and the fish just adds to that feeling of accomplishment for her.

This picture is not of “Cutie,” but is just a stock image.




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