A Bounce In Her Step

I cannot put my finger on why it is, but Kaitlyn has seemed to have a little extra bounce in her step this week.  Not 100% of the time, but surely more than usual.

She has been a little more lively in the mornings, and has been extremely excited every afternoon when I get home from work.  She was happy, instead of put off, when I surprised her by picking her up from school the other day.

Maybe it was the start of the school year.  Or maybe the visit from her Pappy, uncle, and cousin last weekend.  Or maybe the visit from her Papa and Gran this weekend.  Or maybe the newest addition to her favorite family other than ours.  Whatever the reason, we will take it.

Amber and I both know that Kaitlyn was very excited for the start of school, so the prospect of that excitement carrying over to this week is certainly there.  She really likes when family visits, or when we visit family, because it is rare that she gets to see them, especially now that school is underway and she is about to start gymnastics again.  She absolutlely loves having family around when we are with them, and we have benefitted from people like the Spragues and Sinclairs “adopting” us into theirs (it is more that they “adopted” Kaitlyn and had to accept Amber and I as well).  She is certainly excited about the new addition to the Sprague family as well; she has asked about going over again very soon (so if you are reading this Ryan and/or Jeni, we will probably be at your door sooner rather than later).

Hopefully this wave of good days continues, at least through the weekend.  Seminole football starts tomorrow, and that is always a good day in my book.


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