Out of Order

I had a chance to do something yesterday that I hope I will get to do more often:  I got to pick Kaitlyn up from school.  I was able to work out getting off a little early and surprising Kaitlyn at school.  She was pretty happy.  And happily, that little surprise is not what put everything out of order.

Kaitlyn has daily reading homework, a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  This is really good because it keeps her on a schedule and also increases her reading ability.  She has been bringing home two new books from the library at least every other day or so to accomplish this assignment.

Yesterday, she brought home a book and was working on her reading.  She split it up, 10 minutes before dinner, 10 minutes after.  It wasn’t until close to bed time that she realized that she had made a horrible (at least to her) mistake.  She had brought home and starting reading the second book in a series without having first read the first book.  I can understand her being upset at the mistake, but she took it to a whole new level.  You would have thought that it was the end of the world.

Because she processes things in such a structured manner, reading a series of books out of sequence can really throw her off.  Not just with keeping up with the story, because she will be able to piece it all together eventually, but with her view of the importance of things being in order.  She is such a linear thinker that any variances greatly disturb her.

Kaitlyn has a lot of traits that seem to run in the family.  Linear thinking and adherence to routine and structure are traits that surely come from my side of the family; I will even try to claim that her above-average intelligence comes from my side of the family as well (I can do that since this is my blog.  If Amber thinks otherwise, she can comment below or start a blog of her own and make the claim!).


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  1. Ha! The truth shall set you free. 🙂

  2. […] She has been a little more lively in the mornings, and has been extremely excited every afternoon when I get home from work.  She was happy, instead of put off, when I surprised her by picking her up from school the other day. […]

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