Off To A Good Start

Kaitlyn has one successful week of first grade under her belt.  With the exception of a few days of rain, which kept her off the playground, Kaitlyn had a great week.  She is off to a good start for sure.

We got a nice email from her teacher on the first day, and I think Amber and I were both hopeful that Kaitlyn would build on what her teacher said about her and have a great year.  Judging by her first weekly progress report, she is well on her way!

Friday, we got our first weekly newsletter from Kaitlyn’s teacher.  It basically outlined the first week and what the class goals are for the year.  Amber and I each chuckled when we read the following, regarding the expectation for where the class is as far as reading is concerned:

Our reading program in first grade is called Imagine It!. We will start off the year reviewing the sounds and quickly move into blending words. Your child will bring home books from the program throughout the year. These books are to be kept at home for your child to practice reading. They will get progressively more difficult as the year goes on. You should find 2 of these books in your child’s folder today.

Kaitlyn loves to read, and she should not have much of an issue in meeting the standard for the class.  She is also supposed to read at least 20 minutes per night, and should be able to accomplish that without much trouble.  If her ITBS scores are any indication, Kaitlyn is most likely ahead of most of her classmates in reading.

In math, there are also expectations that we feel Kaitlyn has already exceeded:

In Math, we will be covering many concepts including addition, subtraction, and measurement to name a few.

Thanks to her math app on the iPad, she is already pretty good at both addition and subtraction. When we moved, Kaitlyn was even working on her measuring skills.  Again, her ITBS scores have established a nice foundation of what her teacher can expect out of her, and what we can expect out of her as well.

Kaitlyn just really loves going to school.  She has a love of learning that Amber and I realize we have a duty to cultivate and allow to grow even stronger.  We constantly encourage her to learn every chance she can, and she does exactly that.  As much as she loves school, I know that she wants today to go by fast.  This evening, we are going to see the newest addition to the Sprague family, and Kaitlyn is very excited.  Last night, she said that she could not wait to give little Lucy a “good afternoon tickle,” and to teach her so many things.  She also said that Lucy is going to be her best girl friend and she wants to do everything with her.  I would classify that approach as also “off to a good start,” because for the entire time we have known them, Kaitlyn has been the little girl who the Sprague boys paid constant attention to; now, she will have to share, and she seems perfectly ok about it.



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