Slowing Her Down

As we were sitting in the car this morning, waiting for 7:45 to get here so Kaitlyn could start her school day, we got to talking about our running schedule.  Since Kaitlyn is my running buddy, I have to make sure to enter her into a few events that I am running.

We are both most excited about the YMCA Trick or Trot coming up in October.  It is a night race on a Friday night, so that will be a lot of fun.  Kaitlyn is insistent that she wears a costume for the run, and if that makes her happy, I am all for it.  Then, she gave me a dose of bad news.  She does not want to run with me.

It turns out that she feels like I slow her down some.  I offered to run with her, but not hold her hand during the run, and she was not buying.  She just knows that I will lose sight of her because she runs so fast.  I tried to convince her that I could probably keep up, but nothing seemed to work.  Until I reminded her that it was in the dark.  Then, she seemed a little more accepting of the fact of having her slow dad run by her.

For the record, I may not be a Usain Bolt speed demon, but I think I can keep up with Kaitlyn!  At least I can keep up with her for now; that is likely to change in the coming years.


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