40 weeks, 3 days.  That is quite a long time.

This morning at 3:53 am, our really good friends, the Spragues, welcomed baby #5 into their family.  Amber, Kaitlyn, and I are very excited for our friends.  With five boys (four kids plus Ryan) running the house, it is a nice change of pace for them to have welcomed a precious little girl into the world this morning.

When Kaitlyn first found out that another baby was on the way (way back on Christmas), she was insistent that they have another boy.  You see, she liked all the attention she would always get when she was over at their house.  She was the center of attention.

This morning, I showed her the picture Ryan sent me, and she was really excited.  She said that their daughter was a “beautiful baby,” and she is already making a list of presents we can get her.  She has already mentioned a car seat, a crib, a bottle, and a rattle, so I think she has accepted that there will be another little girl getting attention around their house.  She also commented that she is happy to have a little girl that she can play with, so that is exciting for us.

The Spragues are a wonderful family, and we are very fortunate to have them in our lives.  Kaitlyn just thinks the world of their four boys, and I am glad she is excited about their newest edition.

Congratulations to our friends and their precious addition to their family!


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