Some Things Never Change

Well, the new school year is officially underway.  And today was the first day that I got to take Kaitlyn to school.  Apparently, we have established that she will ride with Amber on the first day, and that is fine with me; we also established that Kaitlyn and I will go for ice cream on the first day of school every year going forward.  So, who is the big winner?  This guy.

Anyway, the new school year has brought with it at least one other “tradition” in the morning.  Last November, Kaitlyn decided that it was my duty to give her change from my center console every morning; she called it “snow money,” in hopes that if she collected enough of it, we would get some snow.  The winter passed, and there was no snow, but that did not stop the morning collection.  As winter turned to spring, the “snow money” turned magical.

Kaitlyn’s magic trick is to take the coin that I give her and put it into one of the compartments on her backpack.  She says her “magic words,” and opens the compartment, hoping that the one coin has become two.  Luckily, she has her special helper, me, to check for her.  It usually took a few attempts, but it almost always worked.

I was ready this morning, just in case she remembered (who am I kidding, of course she was going to remember!).  I stocked my center console with coins, and we were off to school.  And no sooner did she crawl into the front seat in the parking lot of the school, did she want to try her trick.  I was not off the hook.  Since she has a new backpack, it took some extra time this morning to get the trick to work, but eventually, she had two coins before she got out of the car.

With 178 days of school left, Kaitlyn stands to make a lot of money this year.  Luckily for us, Amber’s car is not quite as magical, so she might have to take her some, just to save us some money!


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  1. […] it off to her room to her coin jar or piggy bank.  She has also done the same with the “snow money” that she accumulated for over a year as we waited for drop off at school each […]

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