Back To School

“Oh back to school, back to school.  To prove to dad that I am not a fool.  I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight.  I hope I don”t get in a fight.  Oh back to school.”  -From Billy Madison

Wow, summer sure did fly by.  It seems like just yesterday I was picking Kaitlyn up on the last day of school.  Shoot, it seems like just yesterday that she started kindergarten.  Time is moving quick. 

By now, the first bell has rung, and Kaitlyn is officially a first grader.  I really cannot believe it.  She set the bar high last year, and we are wavering back and forth between holding her to her high standard again this year, or relax our expectations just a little and build up to that level and keep moving higher up the ladder.  No matter what, we expect her to try hard and to do her best.

Last night at dinner, I asked Kaitlyn what her favorite part of summer was, and she answered very quickly with, “swimming.”  We have been in our new house just about a month or so, and apparently the last month has been her favorite.  I really cannot say that I blame her at all.  That has been a lot of fun.  Other than swimming, her favorite part of the summer was our vacation to Pittsburgh, specifically swimming at Mark, Diane, and Kristian’s, and hanging out with Anthony (she cannot wait until he can come down and she can show him around).

My favorite part of the summer was the sheer joy she showed when it came time to go back to school.  She has missed going to school since the last day, and it makes me very happy that she was so enthusiastic about going back.

First grade is underway, and today is day 1 of 180.


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