A Good Start

If the emails we got from Kaitlyn’s teacher after school today are any indication, the first day was a rousing success.  And I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  I was worried pretty much all day if Kaitlyn would have a good day or not.

The first email was about the class in general.  Kaitlyn’s teacher email all of the parents as a group to let us know that the first day was a success.  This, in spite of the rain and not being able to go out to the playground, which Kaitlyn was looking forward to.  She went on to say that this might be the sweetest class she has ever had.  That makes me happy, not only because Kaitlyn is in the class, but because it speaks to the character of her classmates.

Shortly after the first email, Amber and I each received one about Kaitlyn specifically.  She told us that Kaitlyn is such a sweetie, had a wonderful first day, and that she looks forward to teaching her this year.  Wow!  I guess the bar is set high for Kaitlyn, and there is no reason for us to believe that this year will be anything other than an amazing year.

We are very fortunate to be able to send Kaitlyn to a school where the teachers care so much.  At orientation last week, the principal knew the name of every child she saw, and I can bet that it was not because they had all gotten into trouble at some point.  For all that is wrong with our educational system as a whole, Kaitlyn’s school seems to be a picture of everything that is right with it.


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