Excited, that is the word Kaitlyn used to describe how she feels about starting first grade.

We had the opportunity to meet Kaitlyn’s teacher today, and to see her classroom, and it is safe to say that we came away impressed.  We showed up to the school early, of course, and took care of changing our address and getting Kaitlyn signed up for after school.  Then, it was time to head over to where they were going to post the class lists.

As we were waiting, we got the chance to talk with Kaitlyn’s friend’s mom and dad, and Kaitlyn got to play with her good friend; we were happy about that for sure.  Then, it was time for the class lists to come out.  Once I found Kaitlyn’s name, the very next thing I did was look to see if her friend was in her class as well.  Sadly, she is not.  Kaitlyn seemed ok with it, and said she was ok with it, too, but we will see next week.

We are impressed with Kaitlyn’s teacher, and made sure to note on the information sheet we filled out about her Asperger’s, and more information was in her student file (I doubt that the teacher will randomly ask our emergency contacts anything about it since she is actually a professional who respects privacy laws).  Kaitlyn had the chance to explore her classroom.  They have pet gerbils in the room, and some hermit crabs, and Kaitlyn is pretty excited about that.  When it came time to find her cubby, Kaitlyn had a little trouble.  She came over to me and said that she could not find it, so I went to help her.  We found what I thought was hers, but she assured me that it was not hers because the name was not spelled the same as hers (the teacher mistakenly spelled it “Katelyn” in that one spot in the room; everywhere else had it spelled correctly).  I told her she needed to let the teacher know, and that is exactly what she did.  I am sure it will be fixed by Monday.

One more day and one more weekend, and school is underway.  Kaitlyn even told one of the receptionists in the front office that she was excited about school starting, and that she has really missed school.


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