Almost Ready

Today will be a big day for Kaitlyn.  In addition to spending the day with Amber, cleaning and making churros, she gets to see her classroom and meet her teacher for the first time.

Kaitlyn has always struggled with transitions, and has struggled at times this summer, first with school ending, then with going to camp and not going to camp, moving, and now starting school again.  I think she has been looking forward to getting back into her routine.  I know I have.

Today will go one of two ways.  Either Kaitlyn will feel comfortable with her surroundings and be fine, or she will feel out of place and it will be a struggle.  The hard part is that we really and truly never know what we are going to get, minute-to-minute, situation-to-situation, and day-to-day.

There is a pretty good chance she will have several kids in her class that were also in her kindergarten class.  But that does not necessarily mean the transition will be easy for her no matter what; she was closer with some of her classmates more than others, and having a few of her closer friends in the class will help.  She might be crushed if her BFF (there it is again, sorry) is not in her class.

We will know soon eoungh.


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  1. […] had the opportunity to meet Kaitlyn’s teacher today, and to see her classroom, and it is safe to say that we came away impressed.  We showed up to the […]

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