Ulterior Motive

I was sitting on the couch this morning, watching the Today show like I usually do, when somebody else’s child came up to me.  There is no way it was the Kaitlyn I know, at least not Morning Kaitlyn (she can be a little grumpy in the mornings).  Amber had her leg propped up on the ottoman, so Kaitlyn moved it to get by.

And then she gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the cheek.  Then, to top it off, she sat right next to me.  I was very confused to say the least.  Amber was also really confused, and we briefly entertained the thought of taking Kaitlyn’s temperature to make sure she was not sick.

Alas, she had an ulterior motive for her sweetness this morning.  She just wanted to butter me up so that she could watch Arthur on PBS.  I knew there had to be a reason!

*Postscript:  Kaitlyn had another moment on the way to camp.  Usually, she wants to listen to Carrie Underwood when we are in the car; she knows the words to every song on the “Blown Away” CD.  Today, she asked Amber if they could listen to a worship CD so that they could “give thanks to God on this beautiful day.”  I guess we are doing something right after all!*


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