Really Upset

Asperger’s has taught us a lot about Kaitlyn.  It has been the source not only of a lot of education, but also a lot of frustration.  We get frustrated when we have trouble explaining to Kaitlyn why she responds the way she does sometimes, like when she was extremely upset yesterday evening because she forgot to bring home an invitation to an event this coming Friday at her music camp.  We just could not get through to her that she could just bring it home today (hopefully Amber remembers when she picks Kaitlyn up today!). 

Kaitlyn got a little upset at camp yesterday afternoon round 3:30, when she looked at the clock and became worried about Amber picking her up.  Mind you, Kaitlyn has rarely been picked up from any camp before 4:30, but she felt yesterday was different for some reason.  At 4:00, she became even more upset that Amber was not there, and told one of the counselors that it looked like she was going to have to walk home.  How she got from not getting picked up at 4:00 to having to walk home is interesting.  And no, she did not walk home yesterday; Amber was there a little after 4:30 to avert the crisis.

This morning, however, Kaitlyn became really upset twice in a few minutes while watching Early Today.  The first was when there was a story about a fatal bus accident in Tampa yesterday; Kaitlyn was upset that there would be nobody to drive the bus today (I think they will find someone).  Her concern for the bus driver and the mass transit system in Tampa is remarkable.  A few minutes later, meteorologist Bill Karins gave the weather forecast, and that had Kaitlyn all upset.  He did not forecast bad weather for us.  Nope, he said that they should expect rain in Pittsburgh today, and Kaitlyn was upset about it because she loves Pittsburgh and does not want her cousins and family getting rained on today.

I wish that I had half of the compassion for other people that Kaitlyn has.  It is not that I am jaded, emotionless, and cold-hearted, but I just cannot keep up with how deeply she cares for so many people.  She did not know that bus driver in Tampa, but his death hit her hard, partially because of its impact on the mass transit system there.  We are 1000 miles from our family in Pittsburgh, yet rain today makes her very upset (for the record, our forecast calls for sunny and 92 today). 

The depth of her compassion for people is something I hope only gets stronger as she gets older.  It will be up to Amber and I to teach her how to recognize times where she could be getting scammed, but that will come in time.  For all of the frustrations that Asperger’s provides, this is one of the ones that I am happy to deal with.  I know of few 6 year olds that have such concern for so many.


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