Already Planning

One of the neat things that came out of Kaitlyn’s flower girl duties this past weekend was her genuine excitement about weddings.

Sunday, after we made it home from FSU Fan Day, Kaitlyn retreated to her room to play for a while.  We went in and checked on her, just to see what she was doing, and she was on her bed, with her pillows stacked neatly, one of her stuffed animals on top, and the others close by, along with some of her Barbies and other assorted toys.  It turns out that she was planning a wedding.  Her wedding to be exact.

She had the stuffed animals and toys and was going through her wedding rehearsal.  It was adorable.  And, stealing from Courtney’s wedding theme, she determined that all of her bridesmaids were going to be princesses.  Not just Disney princesses, either.  She even wrote them down on the white board in her room.  It is times like these that just melt my heart.

Kaitlyn is growing up very fast, and she is mature beyond her years in so many things.  She knows more about outer space than I do, and excels at math as well.  But she still has a lot of little kid in her.  I want her to hold on to that as long as possible, because once she stops being a little kid, life becomes just a little less fun.  Have you ever noticed how people always want to revert to their childhood?

Luckily, Kaitlyn has a lot more years to go before she has to worry about planning her wedding (if she wants to get married at all).  And if she wants her bridesmaids to be princesses, then that is what they will be.


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