Very Cool

This past weekend, Kaitlyn was a flower girl in our friend Courtney’s wedding.  Not just any flower girl, she was dressed as Rapunzel in a beautiful purple dress.  What made it even cooler was that I got to stand up front pretty close to her as our friends were married (I officiated my first wedding).

The weekend really did not get off to a great start, though.  Kaitlyn was a little nervous and said that she did not want to do it (Thursday night and again Friday morning).  Amber and I convinced her to do it, and we went to the rehearsal Friday night.  Of course, since it was an outside wedding, it was raining when we showed up to rehearse, but it cleared up enough for us to do one outside as well.

Saturday brought more of the nervousness for Kaitlyn, and some for me as well.  We made it to the wedding, and everything went great, except for the heat.  Kaitlyn did a great job throwing flowers from her basket.  She was intent on making sure it was done perfectly, and it was pretty close.  Amber and I looked at pictures last night of Kaitlyn standing up front during the ceremony, and she was having a great time.  The fun continued at the reception as Kaitlyn tore up the dance floor all night. 

If that would have been it for the weekend, it still would have qualified as being very cool.  But it was not.

Sunday as Fan Day for the FSU football team.  We got to the Civic Center early, but still had to wait in quite the line just to get inside.  Once in, our plan was to get in line for kicker Dustin Hopkins and just go from there.  As it turned out, Dustin’s line was also the line for the quarterbacks, so it was rather long.  We waited quite some time to get to the front, and when we did, the first player we saw was QB EJ Manuel.  And then the other very cool thing from the weekend happened.  He remembered Kaitlyn from the Seminole Showdown this past May, and commented about her awesome coverage she played and the touchdown she scored.  It made her day. 

All in all, despite the busyness of the weekend, it was very cool.


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  1. […] of the neat things that came out of Kaitlyn’s flower girl duties this past weekend was her genuine excitement about […]

  2. […] Truth be told, Kaitlyn really starts to enjoy the game in the second half, but she is always keyed-in on a few different things.  Anytime she hears the stadium announcer say that EJ Manuel or Dustin Hopkins has done something or is about to do something, she focuses her attention to the field.  She absolutely loves them, and thinks of them as her friends (we have only met them a few times, but both remembered Kaitlyn, which made her day).   […]

  3. […] much she is attached to them.  The impact that EJ and Dustin had on her back in May and again in August is almost unbelievable; she feels like the most special little girl in the world because both of […]

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