Be Careful

Our friend Courtney learned something about Kaitlyn yesterday that Amber and I have known for quite some time:  you have to be careful when you give her your cell phone to hold/play a game on.  Kaitlyn has the reputation of pushing her limits.

As they were driving around yesterday, Kaitlyn was using Courtney’s phone to be the backseat-GPS.  She had the map function pulled up, and Kaitlyn was giving her directions.  (Although I am not sure why Kaitlyn needed the phone to give directions at all.  She does just fine without a map)

The next thing she knew, Kaitlyn was accessing the PBS Kids site on her phone.  And that is right up her alley.  She is known for asking to use a device for one thing, and then getting busted trying to go online or to download apps.  She will generally just go to the PBS Kids site, when she gets away with it.  She has also tried on several occasions to download an app she wants on our iPad, and has even tried to reset or change our iTunes password.

We do, contrary to what you might be thinking, closely monitor what sites she goes to.  We limit her to kid-friendly sites only, and also limit the amount of time she is online.  While we are careful to monitor her, it is a good idea for anybody else who lets her hold their device to know that she will try to visit one of her favorite sites.


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