11 Days

I do not know who is more excited for the next 11 days to pass:  Amber and I, or Kaitlyn.  It might be a push.

Since the last day of school nearly three months ago, Kaitlyn has wanted nothing more than to go back to school.  At least most of the time.  She missed her friends and missed her routine, and I think she missed the learning.

She was never really excited about going to camp, but she made the best of it while she was there.  In the beginning, that had a lot to do with all of the new faces every week, and toward the end, she was being treated so poorly by some of the counselors that we decided to remove her from the situation.

She studied her map while we were on vacation, and worked on her math some also.

The past two weeks, she has been with her big sister and a family friend, and this weekend, she will be a flower girl in a wedding (she gets to dress like a Disney princess).  Next week, she will be in a music camp with her friend from school, who we hope is in Kaitlyn’s class again.

In 11 days, we get to get back to our regular routine.  The summer has been fun overall, but also stressful in so many ways.  We get to meet Kaitlyn’s first grade teacher next week, and she will get to see her classroom for the first time.  School is almost back in session.


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