Doing The Right Thing Is Not Always Easy

Amber and I know that we did the right thing by taking Kaitlyn out of her summer camp last week.  With the inappropriate inquiry into the medication status of Kaitlyn, plus some unfair treatment the next day, the only thing that we saw for us to do was to get her out of that environment.

Oh, I did not write about the day after the question.  I had called and spoken to the supervisor of the camps, and was assured that everything would be resolved and that there would be no more issues.  Wrong.  When I dropped Kaitlyn off the next day, all but one of the counselors, our friend, avoided me like I had the plague when I dropped Kaitlyn off.  It got worse from there.  The other counselors rode Kaitlyn all morning for little things, things that all of the other kids were doing and not getting into trouble for.  Things like swinging high on a swing, or climbing up a slide instead of sliding down.  Once we knew that was going on, we pulled her out of camp that morning.  And since then, Kaitlyn has enjoyed spending time with her big sis.

Last night, Amber and I thought Kaitlyn was sleeping, or at least about to be sleeping, when I heard whimpering coming from her room.  I went in to check on her, and she was crying her little eyes out.  She told me that she was very upset about not being at her camp anymore, and that now she would not know everything about all of the animals (she’ll be fine on that part with as quick as she learns things).  I did not get into too much detail with her, but I did tell her that we had decided that she could not go back because she was being treated unfairly.  She just could not quite grasp why.  And it killed me.  I wanted nothing more than to get in to all of the details of what happened, but that would have been pointless.  There are going to be times when she is treated unfairly and we will have to let it slide, but also times we will have to deal with it, and this was one of those times.  I told her she would just have to trust that we were making the best decision for her.  She seemed ok with it.  For about a minute.

Not long after I left her room, she was out in the living room, crying again.  She was still upset at not being at camp, especially since her “PBS Kids sister,” aka her BFF, was there this week.  We already had that issue dealt with though, because she is coming over to swim this weekend.  So Kaitlyn decided to keep Amber and I company as we watched some swimming and gymnastics on TV; she fell asleep pretty quick and was done for the night.

Some people may not agree with our handling of the whole situation with the camp, but I am going to be honest here…we really do not care.  Amber and I did what we felt was in the best interest of Kaitlyn, and if that makes us over-protective or anything else, so be it.  I am wrong with a lot of what I do, and I let a lot slide if someone comes at me personally.  But when you involve my child, I am quick to defend her and will only worry about her.  Amber and I did the right thing for Kaitlyn, and it has not been easy to make Kaitlyn understand our rationale, but one day she will.


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