Being The Bearer of Bad News

I was not looking forward to breaking the news to Kaitlyn.  Not with how well she has been handling the move and other stress she has been under recently.  But it had to be done, and sooner was better than later.

I found out yesterday that the slide for our pool has to come out.  It seems that the company that is underwriting our homeowner’s insurance feel that it is too much of a liability.  I went over a few scenarios and fixes with our insurance agent, and he kept getting rebuffed, thus had to give me the bad news (I don’t think he was overly excited about the slide coming out, either).

So, one of the first things I did after work yesterday was to squat down on Kaitlyn’s level and give her the bad news.  And she responded pretty much exactly how Amber and I figured that she would.  Badly.  The meltdown was pretty intense.  At first, she cried like she had lost a best friend; then, she got angry.  Really angry.  She clenched her teeth really hard and her face turned a dark shade of red, sort of like this, but darker.

Amber and I had to explain why the slide had to come out, and that we still had the pool to use.  We had to offer alternative ways for her to splash and have fun, and after a while, she seemed to accept it.  We shall see how she handles it when the slide is taken down over the next few days.  I anticipate yet another meltdown.


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