So Far, So Good

Well, it turns out that maybe Amber and I were the ones that were stressed out about how Kaitlyn was going to handle the move more than she was.  And to some extent, I am really not that surprised at all.

Saturday was moving day.  Amber and I did the best we could to get the majority of Kaitlyn’s room in our new house all set up before we did a bulk of the moving.  Her bed was there and made, and she picked out the colors and helped paint the room.  All in all, we had a feeling that she was excited about her new room.  In the two weeks before moving day, she had spent more time in her new room than she had in her room at the old house.

With everything at the house, but nowhere close to being unpacked, Saturday night was the one I was most concerned about.  How would Kaitlyn respond to sleeping in a new room in a new house?  It is one thing for her to spend time in there and then leave, but there was no leaving this time.  She surprised us, to say the least.

In an unprecedented move, Kaitlyn went to bed all by herself.  Normally, Amber has to be in there with her until she falls asleep, but not Saturday night.  When we woke up Sunday, I went to check on her, and she was not in her bed.  Cue moment of panic.  When I turned around, there she was standing in the doorway behind me, looking at me like I was crazy.  I asked how she slept during the night, and she said “fine,” and she even got up to get herself something to drink in the middle of the night when she got thirsty.  Come again?  Kaitlyn got up and got herself something to drink, all without coming to wake us up first.

Two days and two nights at the new house, and Kaitlyn is adjusting pretty good so far.  Maybe it is having the pool there, or maybe it is being on the same level as us, instead of being on the first floor with us upstairs.  Whatever it is, Kaitlyn is having a blast.

Speaking of the pool, her favorite thing to do is use the slide.  That is really not much of a surprise at all, the slide is very fun.  Kaitlyn got to swim with her friends Saturday, which made her even happier.


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