A Nice Evening

Happily, our planned evening for “Kaitlyn Day” became more than we expected.  About mid-morning yesterday, Ryan sent me a text inquiring about the details of our plans for the evening.  At the time, the only thing solidly is place was Kaitlyn’s choice of dinner, Chick-fil-A.  One thing we share with the Spragues, among the many, is a love of Chick-fil-A, so we confirmed a meeting time.

When we got there, the Spragues had yet to arrive, so we went ahead and ordered.  We had to convince Kaitlyn to let us sit at a big table, because she reasoned that the three of us did not need a table that seats 9.  The Spragues arrived shortly after we sat down, and Kaitlyn’s face lit up at the arrival of her friends.  We enjoyed our meal, and the kids were off to the play area.

Adding to the evening was the presence of $1 desserts, so we had our arms twisted and had dessert as well.  All in all, we spent right at two hours at dinner, and the time flew by.  Kaitlyn had a great time with the boys, and Amber and I enjoyed catching up with Ryan and Jeni (our respective moving situations had thrown a wrench in attempts to spend more time together, but that ends Saturday).  We are truly blessed to have great friends in our lives who are willing to spend an evening with us celebrating Kaitlyn for the heck of it (note to Spragues: we will happily share in any designated nights you plan for any of the boys).

Kaitlyn Day was capped off by a family game of Pop-Up Trouble.  Amber won.


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  1. Nope. Kaitlyn won.

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