Happy Kaitlyn Day

Ok, so maybe today is not a special day in your house.  But Amber and I have declared that today is “Kaitlyn Day,” and no, today is not her birthday.

Today is all about Kaitlyn because she has been a great sport with all of the commotion surrounding our move.  Her schedule and routine has been thrown way out of whack, and she has taken it mostly in stride.  Yes, she has had a few moments where she has shown the results of the stress, but she has handled it well overall.

Kaitlyn is in charge of everything we do this afternoon after work and camp.  She has chosen her favorite restaurant for dinner, so Chick-fil-A here we come.  I’m sure there will be games played this evening and movies watched.  What there will not be is a single trip to our new house carrying boxes and to finish up painting and changing outlets. 

We are excited that today will be a day that Kaitlyn is in charge.  She is very excited as well.

Happy Kaitlyn Day!


2 responses

  1. […] house, and it seems like forever ago.  I have written several posts (here, here, here, here, and here) about how Kaitlyn has handled the last few weeks, and it will be interesting to see how she does […]

  2. […] did the same thing last year as a way to reward her just for being who she is.  Yesterday followed a pretty similar script as […]

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