Out of Line

The level of stupidity people reach might have reached yet another low.  And this time, Amber is really upset about it.  If you know one thing about our family, when Amber gets this upset about something, heads start to roll.  Uh oh.

Some people have a lot of nerve, and one of Kaitlyn’s camp counselors seems to have a ton of nerve.  She had the guts to ask our friend, who also happens to be a counselor at the same camp, a question that is so far out of bounds that she cannot even see the line she crossed to get there.

This brave soul had the nerve to ask if Kaitlyn is medicated.  My blood pressure rose when Amber told me about the question, and I can only imagine the deep red color that Amber turned.  She went into defense mode immediately, and rightly so. 

Who does this counselor think she is?  If there were any condition that required medication, we would have noted it on the registration form.  It really is none of her business.  And for the record, Kaitlyn is not on any medication.

Amber and I strongly feel that medicating her would be wrong.  She does not need chemical solutions, she needs her regular discipline techniques (the ones that are also highly criticized).  It took everything in my power to not turn around and head back to camp and make a scene.  The only person that needs medication is that counselor who asked the question, and I am not sure they make something that will counteract the effects of an overdose on stupid pills.



3 responses

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  3. […] her Asperger’s, and more information was in her student file (I doubt that the teacher will randomly ask our emergency contacts anything about it since she is actually a professional who respects privacy […]

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