A Few Days Away

The big move is just a few days away, and on the surface, Kaitlyn is doing great.  She has been extremely helpful with getting the new house ready.  She has painted, measured, and cleaned.  She even offered to help change out outlets and light switches last night.

As much as it appears that Kaitlyn is ready for the move, I am still worried that she is very stressed out about it.  She has been a little sluggish over the last few days, and just seems to be a little “off” in her regular activities.  It is all small stuff, but enough to sound some alarms with Amber and I.

In an effort to reduce her stress load, we have decided to make tomorrow all about Kaitlyn.  She has water day at camp, which is her favorite activity, and gets to choose what we have for dinner (she loves “free choice” nights).  Anything she wants to do tomorrow, we wil do.  She does not wear stress that well, and it is starting to show in the days leading up to the move.


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